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Are Corticosteroids Banned In Sports?

In any activity that involves showing physical strength, there is a need for a good amount of strength, energy, and endurance in order for you to exert a good amount of effort with little to no difficulty, for you to successfully complete the said activity. It takes some extensive time and resources in order for you to undergo preparation before going to take part on a certain activity that requires a good amount of strength, energy, and endurance on your part to complete. One particular example of such activity can be found in basically any event in sports.

Taking part in any sports activity is no small thing, especially if you are an athlete. Engaging in a sports activity requires an extensive preparation for you to come up with an impressive performance, whether you win or not. You start with adapting a healthy diet and lifestyle. You engage yourself to a daily routine of exercise and practice. You stay away from vices and other unhealthy practices. Those are some of the things you have to do as an athlete.

However, there are times when some emergencies do happen. So when it comes to emergencies regarding your physical health, it is best for you to be always prepared when these things happen to you – especially when you are about to take part in an upcoming sports event. And one way for you to prepare for such things to happen is through medical ways. Speaking of medical ways, one of the most common substances used for these is what they call corticosteroids.

Corticosteroids: Can It Be Used In Sports?

Before anything else, it is best for you to know what corticosteroids are. These refer to the synthetic drugs that are used to treat some certain illnesses such as asthma, arthritis, some types of skin diseases, and some diseases of the autoimmune system. Corticosteroids have high resemblances to a hormone called cortisol, produced from the adrenal glands.

Now, what is cortisol anyway? It is a steroid hormone, which should not be confused with those anabolic steroids, which is also known as the “stress hormone”. It is because cortisol is the hormone that is released in response to stress.

So the question is this – is the abovementioned synthetic drug banned in sports? Yes, it is not allowed to use during a sports event. However, it can be used by athletes outside a sports competition.